Rattlewedge, Trigger ... Tools for arborists, by an arborist.



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   The Rattlewedge is a patented tool designed for the safety and the improvement of the working conditions in height.

   The Rattlewedge is a patented tool developed by arborists, for arborists in order to improve the security and working conditions felling and dismounting trees. Before, the tree-specialist had to force himself into difficult and dangerous positions or rely on the help from colleagues on the ground to make fall large pieces of trunk in the right direction.

   With the Rattlewedge, the arborist controls large pieces of wood without any effort. To see is to believe ! The Rattlewedge, made out of light weight aluminium, hardly weighs 1,4 kg and can be taken into the tree easily.

   Undoubtedly, the Rattlewedge will be a standard device in any professional arborists toolbox !


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